Our Publications and Events

-  “End to End Integration -  How Undersecretariat of Customs and Arkas Do It”
Business and Process Integration Roadshow, Microsoft Event, 22 Feb 2010, Istanbul, Turkey
-   “Arkas - Success Story”,  
SOA Roadshow, Microsoft Event, 12 Feb 2009, Istanbul, Turkey
-   “Data-Driven Transaction Based Unit Tests”,
Test 2008- Agility in Testing, 13–17 Oct, New Delhi, India
-   “Introduction to Software Process World in 3 Steps”,
Software Quality and Software Development Tools Symposium (YKGS) 2008, 9-10 Oct 2008, Istanbul, Turkey
-   “Enterprise Application Integrations in Logistic Chain”,
Strategic Business Processes, Microsoft Event, 3 Apr 2008, Istanbul, Turkey   
-   “The Adventure of BIMAR Software Processes; Risk, Feedback, Review Based”,
Software Technologies, Quality Management and Certifications, Microsoft Event, 26 Dec 2007, Ankara, Turkey
-   “Service Oriented Architecture Principles and ROTA Application”,
1.National Software Architecture Conference, 20-21 Nov, Istanbul, Turkey

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