In order for companies to achieve their overall goals, they must be able to predict future investments in information technology and they must be able to respond to these requirements in a timely fashion. Arkas Holding is one of the largest transportation and port operation conglomerations in Turkey with 67 companies and 7300 employees, and because Arkas is aware of the importance of IT, it established BIMAR Information Technology Services S.A. in order to provide IT services to other companies within the corporation. BIMAR initially began operating as the information technology department of Arkas Holding in 1984, but it was restructured as BIMAR Information Technology Services S.A. in 1997 in order to be able to meet information technology needs on a larger scale. BIMAR carries out software development and system integration in the areas of logistics, ship agencies and operations, port operations and transportation via sea, air, truck and rail.  


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